Christmas Elf Calling

Some Christmas elves are born with a particular aptitude or talent, this becomes obvious at a young age. They then have what is known as ‘the calling’ and enter one of the ’12 Houses of the Christmas Elf Calling’

1. House of Christmas Spirit.

This house encompasses the whole idea of Christmas. It’s about hopes and dreams, anticipation and excitement. But also ideas, planning, organisation, leadership, problem solving, optimism and encouragement. They are great communicators and ambassadors. A lot of elf leaders and teachers are in this house. Elves in this house include myself, Holly Berry! and my big brother Winter Berry, who this year has been given the important job of helping Santa compile his master list!

2. House of Christmas Tradition.

Christmas is built on traditions, and elves in this house make sure that the old traditions are kept alive and also encourage new traditions for future generations. They can often be found making sure Christmas cards get written, reminding people to put out snacks for Santa and Rudolph and delivering new pyjamas to children that don‘t have visiting elves on Christmas eve. They also have the prestigious job of tending to the reindeer and making sure Santa’s sleigh is fit to travel. They are solid and dependable, working conscientiously in the background so that we all get the Christmas we know and love. Elves in this house include Avery Greentree and Robin Redcracker.

3. House of Christmas Childhood.

Elves in this house will always be children at heart no matter how old they get! It is the magic and wonderment of a child on Christmas morning, the sense of fun and adventure. Also mischief, impatience and cheekiness! This house specialises in fun and games, jokes and riddles. Elves in this house include Giggles Nonsenself and my good friend and visiting partner Buddy Jingles!

4. House of Christmas Love.

Thoughtful, caring and gentle elves often come into this house, those who always go out of their way to help others. It is about the bonds between parent and child, family and friends, countries and nations. These elves are mediators and empathisers. They always think of others feelings, are warm and affectionate and love big hugs!. At Christmas time especially they help to bring people together and solve arguments. The motto ‘peace and goodwill to all men’ is very apt for this house! Elves in this house include Angel Heart-Felt and Cosy Snugglesocks.

5. House of Christmas Truth.

The elves from this house are often said to be quite serious fellows. They are about the true meaning of Christmas and know that Christmas for some is not as happy as it should be. They are great listeners and confidants and are a great support to those in need. Elves in this house are simple, humble creatures who work against Christmas becoming too commercialised. They also make the nativity’s in Santa’s workshop. Elves in this house include Frank Incense and his wife Faith.

6. House of Christmas Fun & Laughter.

This is the most social of the houses, the elves are often jolly and carefree. They love helping Christmas parties and get-togethers go with a bang and often carry their frivolity over to new year! They write and perform the best pantomimes and may even sprinkle their magic over a pantomime near you! They are about everyone getting together and having a thoroughly good time. Elves in this house include Happy Go-Lucky and the flighty Mistletoe Kissmas!

7. House of Christmas Food & Beverage.

What would Christmas be without food?! Here you’ll find all the best chefs, bakers and wine makers. They know how to sprinkle a little bit of elf magic to make sure the turkey is cooked to perfection, and are experts in mulled wine and mince pies. They often leave aromas of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg in their wake! Elves in this house include Brandy Sugarsnap and my friend Gingerbread Cookie.

8. House of Christmas Sweets & Treats.

Who do you think makes sure there are enough chocolate coins to put in stockings and plenty of candy canes to go round at Christmas time? It’s often the elves from this house! They have an extremely sweet tooth and know all the recipes for the best sweets and chocolate. They love giving little rewards for good behaviour, but they also have to remind everyone not to eat too much and to brush their teeth! Elves in this house include Peppermint Candycane and Goldy Moneypenny.

9. House of Christmas Song.

The best musicians and instrument makers are in this house. They have wonderful singing voices and some even talk in sing-song too. They know all the verses to all the Christmas carols and can often be found hiding in the wings of a carol concert sprinkling a little elf magic where needed. They are also masters of poem and rhyme. They know what atmosphere is needed when and where, and even play novelty Christmas songs when appropriate! Elves in this house include Noel Hark-Wenceslas and Glory Snowsong.

10. House of Christmas Decoration.

All things that glitter, sparkle and shine are in this house! With a little elf magic their fairy lights always work! They know all about Christmas trees and can make the dullest tree in the dullest room look like the most beautiful thing in the world. They are often adorned with tinsel, bells and baubles. Elves in this house are often good friends with Christmas fairies, who they persuade to sit on top of Christmas trees. Elves in this house include Sparkle Tinseltop and Buddy‘s sister Bell Jingles!

11. House of Christmas Toys & Gifts.

All the best toy makers, gift creators and bargain hunters come from this house! They can put together the most memorable hamper and know what toy is hot and which is not! They know how each toy works and are good at fixing toys as well as making them. Their great knowledge extends beyond toys and they even know the perfect gift to get for a troublesome tween or tearaway teen! Elves in this house include Buttons McCrimbo and Evie-Joy Everlasting.

12. House of Christmas Wrapping.

Elves in this house can often be spotted by the little bits of sticky tape stuck to their jackets! They can turn the most boring packaging into something so splendid you can’t wait to see what’s inside, if you can bear to remove the delicate wrapping. They also know the presents that need easy access, rip off as quick as possible type wrapping, with paper emblazoned with colourful characters. They also have the important job of applying name tags when necessary, so that people aren‘t given the wrong present! Elves in this house include Bo Ribbons and Curly Stickyknot.


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