Dottie in my pocket!

IMG_2590IMG_2593At the weekend, Big Mum, Sonny J and Little E went to visit Big Nanny & Grandad’s house in Somerset. As they left for the train, Sonny J was very surprised to find our elf friend Dottie McPockett, hiding in his jacket pocket! Dottie loves travelling and visiting places and so wanted to go with them. She is quite petite and so loves to IMG_2587surprise people by appearing in their pockets. Dottie loved the train ride and enjoyed looking out of the window with Sonny J. Little E kindly shared some of her snacks with the cheeky little elf. Once at Big Nanny & Grandad’s house, Dottie soon climbed to the top of the Christmas tree and made friends with a little snowman and the Christmas fairy. She also acquainted herself with the various animal friends that lived there, including a sleepy beagle and a noisy budgie!


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