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We’re now all safely back at the North Pole with Father Christmas and all our elf friends and family. We had a lovely Christmas with our family and can’t wait to return next year! Before we left our friend Gingerbread popped by and we made Christmas cupcakes with the children. We also had a treasure hunt with cinema tickets as the prize. On Christmas eve we left new Pyjamas out for the children and they wrote lovely goodbye messages to us in our journal and gave us lots of hugs before Father Christmas came to collect us as he delivered the presents. The children left some gingerbread biscuits out for Father Christmas and a cracker for Rudolf, don’t tell anyone, but Buddy ate one of the biscuits! As a parting gift we dressed the children’s cuddly toys up as honorary elves, and they were there to greet them on Christmas morning, sat on top of all the presents! Bye for now, see you all next year xx

Gingerbread helps to make cakes

Gingerbread helps to make cakes

Honorary elves!

Honorary elves!

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