About Us

Buddy and Snowy

Full name: Buddy Lucky Jingles

Date of birth: 16 March 1992           

Place of birth: North Pole

Eye Colour: Green         

Hair Colour: Light sandy brown

Elf Type: Aurora Elf

Elf Calling: House of Christmas Childhood

School/Work: I attend Elf College

Best Friends: Holly Berry and my sister, Bell Jingles

Family: My Mam & Pops are Bing and Bertha Jingles, I have 2 younger sisters Bell and Bonny, and a baby brother called Bertie who was born last Christmas. I also have a large extended family with lots of cousins, second cousins and even third cousins! Elves in our family often dress alike too, sometimes it can be hard to tell us apart!

Likes: Playing games, climbing, jumping, hide and seek, my dog Snowy Woof-Woof



Full name: Holly Ivy Berry

Date of birth: 25 April 1986             

Place of birth: North Pole

Eye Colour: Blue                                      

Hair colour: Strawberry blonde

Elf Type: Aurora Elf

Elf Calling: House of Christmas Spirit

School/Work: I am at Elf College. I enjoy doing work experience in Santa’s workshop and as a visiting elf.

Best Friends: Buddy Jingles and Gingerbread Cookie

Family: Elden & Scarlet Berry are my parents and I have an older brother called Winter. Winter helps Santa compile his master list, it is a very important job and we are all very proud!

 Likes: Arts and crafts, planning and organising, my cat Merry Berry-Cat


Bell and Dipper the reindeer

Full Name: Bell Bauble Jingles (Buddy’s sister)

Date of Birth: 15 January 1995          

Place of Birth: North Pole

Eye Colour: Green                               

Hair Colour: Ash Brown

Elf Type: Aurora Elf                               

Elf Calling: House of Christmas Decoration

School/Work: I have 1 year left at Elf School.

Family: Mam, Bertha Jingles and Pops, Bing Jingles. Older brother Buddy, and little sister Bonny. My brother Bertie was born last Christmas day.

Best Friends: My brother Buddy Jingles, and Wish Starbright, a Christmas fairy.

Likes: All things glittery, sparkly and shiny! Making Christmas decorations. Taking care of Little Dipper the reindeer.


4 Responses to About Us

  1. Princess B says:

    What is your favourite colour?

    • berryjingles says:

      Hi Princess B, hope you are enjoying reading our blog. My favourite colour is red, and Buddy told me his favourite colour is green. We love the Christmas colours of course! Love Holly x

  2. maddie says:

    how old are you and buddy?

  3. berryjingles says:

    Hi Maddie 🙂 Buddy and I are grown ups in human years. But in elf years we’re still like children, and love getting up to fun and mischief! Love Holly x

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