Elf Activities

Here are some of the things we have got up to on our visits!

  • Put little notes and chocolate coins in the childrens school lunchbags, so they found them at lunch time at school.
  • Decorated cookies with a personal message using icing.
  • Brought and put up a personalised birthday banner.
  • Decorated a room with toilet roll paper.
  • Tried on the children’s dressing up clothes.
  • Decorated the Christmas tree with Underwear.
  • Brought Christmas door hanger kits for the children to make.
  • Made life-size portraits of the children on the floor using their clothes, elf hats, and faces that we drew on paper.
  • Discovered reading books and newspapers.
  • Played in the ball pool.
  • Hid chocolate coins around the living room for the children to find.
  • Left instructions and ingrediants for making christmas themed cakes.
  • Made mince pies.
  • Fell, after climbing in the Christmas tree and had to be ‘fixed up’ with bandages and plasters.
  • Put up mini Christmas trees in the children’s rooms.
  • Went to work with Big Dad.
  • Made a giant snowman on the floor using paper kitchen towel, hat, scarf and fruit/veg for eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Caught napping in the children’s beds.
  • Brought a DVD and popcorn and had a movie night.
  • Wrote Christmas cards to our elf friends.
  • Wrapped up the doorways to the living room in Christmas wrapping paper.
  • Went to school with the children.
  • Made reindeer wrapped chocolate bars with the children as Christmas presents for their friends.
  • Spelt our name in cheerios.
  • Had a picnic with the toys.
  • Played in the ‘real’ snow, made snowangels and had a snowball fight.
  • Made snowshake (white chocolate milkshake).
  • Caught red-handed sitting in the tin of chocolates, eating them with wrappers strewn everywhere.
  • Put up and decorated the family’s Christmas tree.
  • Hid in the sock drawer and mismatched all the pairs of socks.
  • Drew pictures of ourselves on the bedroom wall (in pencil!)
  • Brought a pack of Christmas snap cards for the children, and got caught playing snap with their Christmas cuddly toys.
  • Made fairy wings out of paper and pretended to be a Christmas fairy on top of the Christmas tree.
  • Attempted to make paper chains and ended up chaining ourselves together.
  • Made pretend snow flakes out of paper using a hole punch and sprinkled it on the children while they were asleep.
  • Printed out elf jokes on little pieces of paper and stuck them up all over the house.
  • Had a treasure hunt with cinema tickets and chocolate coins as the prize.
  • Dressed the children’s build-a-bears in elf clothes to make them honorary elves.

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