Elf Facts

Here are some elf facts for you!

  • There are many different types of Christmas elf, that’s why we come in all shapes and sizes. The difference between 2 elves can be like the difference between a chihuahua and a great dane, or a poodle and a bulldog!
  • Elves age a lot slower than humans. Our type of elf age approximately 1 year for every 3 human years. Buddy is an adult in our years, but has the same sense of fun and imagination as a child. However he is a lot more experienced than a child having been around for a lot more years. He is allowed to do things a child wouldn’t (like travel from the North Pole on his own for example!) Some other types of elf may age at different rates, but nearly all elves age slower than humans. Elf aging can seem very complicated to non elves!
  • When they leave the North Pole some Christmas elves, like Buddy and myself, only ‘come alive’ when no humans are looking. This is most often the smaller types of elf. No one is quite sure why, but it may be as a form of protection, or so that the elves can see things they wouldn’t normally see or even to protect the magic of Christmas itself. There is a type of elf closely related to humans, they are human-size and can move freely in their company.
  • Some Christmas elves have what is known as an ‘elf calling’, a natural talent for a particular area of work to do with Christmas. There are 12 houses of the Christmas Elf Calling. Buddy is in the ‘House of Christmas Childhood’ and I am in the ‘House of Christmas Spirit’. See the Christmas Elf Calling page for more details.
  • Young elves at the North Pole go to Elf School, where they learn the skills needed to be a Christmas elf and all about Christmas itself. After school they go on to Elf College, here they can specialise in a particular area of Christmas. Some clever or ambitious elves may then go on to Elf University. Unlike in human schools, where they have a long holiday in the summer, in elf schools there is a 6 week holiday in the Winter, from the last week or so in November til after the new year. This is because this is the busiest time of the year at the North Pole as most of the elves are preparing for Christmas. During this time some of the young elves take on work experience, helping in the busy workshop or becoming visiting elves where they are looked after by human familes. You usually have to be at least 16 to be a visiting elf, though sometimes Santa allows special dispensation. Of course there are many variant types of elf, so some may do things differently.

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