Elf Passports & More

Our passport, front & back cover

Elf Passport

Lots of people have asked us how their elves can get passports like ours. At the North Pole we make our own passports using a simple design we created on Microsoft Word. We print the pages onto card, cut them out, and then staple them together like a little book. Click on the link below to download a copy of our template. Your elves will have to add their own photos and personal details.

Berry Jingles elf passport template


             Elf  Report

At the end of our visit to our family, we fill out a report for Santa. This lets Santa know whether the children have been naughty or nice, and includes a space where we can write personal comments. Click on the link below to download our template.

Berry Jingles elf report template

Elf Journal

We purchased a notebook and decorated it ourselves to use as our elf journal. We bring it with us each year we visit our family and use it like a diary of our stay. We also use it to write messages to the children, and the children write messages to us in it too, which we always love to read!

Elf sacks and bags

Santa is not the only one who has a magic sack! We carry our elf journal, passports, magic key (for entering our family’s house) and any treats or goodies in our magic elf sack. It keeps our things together and safe during our stay, so that they don’t get lost. Also it can magically produce any extra items that we might need, which can come in very handy! We also have smaller bags to carry special treats and treasures, like chocolate coins. When we visit we also bring sleeping bags that are made from Christmas stockings.


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