Letter from Santa

Dear Family

We are very busy at the North Pole this Christmas and are unable to give some of the younger elves the supervision and training they require. Therefore we have carefully selected a number of families to play host to these elves over the holiday season.

It is with extreme pleasure that I write to inform you that three of our little elves Holly, Buddy and Bell have been assigned to you and your family. These magic elves will be with you from now until Christmas eve when I will return to collect them as I make my deliveries.

We have given the elves the special task of checking whether you have been naughty or nice. Any acts of kindness or misbehaviours will be reported in their journal, they will also record all the fun they’ve had with you. On their last day the elves will fill out a final report to be returned to me.

Magic elves are curious creatures. They are very caring and a lot of fun, but I should also warn you that they can be quite mischievious. As with magic toys they only move when no one is looking, but they are aware of what is going on at all times. They particularly like taking photos of each other on their exploits, so watch out!

Please look after Holly, Buddy & Bell well and make sure they have lots of cuddles and somewhere warm and snug to sleep, their favourite place is under the christmas tree.

I hope you all have a wonderful time together.

Yours sincerely,


Ho Ho Ho



2 Responses to Letter from Santa

  1. maddie says:

    Dear Santa,
    I have a elf I caught it last night.It got in my moms jerwery box and in her dresser.Its name is Merry. It is a girl.It has curly blond hair it has a all red sweater with green and silver spots and it has green tights and red shoes.I hope I am on the nice list.I also hope I get another elf tonight I love christmas.Love,

  2. berryjingles says:

    Hi Maddie, I hope that Santa’s elves visit you again this Christmas 😀 Merry sounds like a lovely elf. Lots of love, Holly x

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