Our Friends

Full Name: Gingerbread Cookie

Date of Birth: 25 November 1985                      

Place of Birth: North Pole

Eye Colour: Dark like Treacle                           

Hair Colour: Chocolate Brown

Elf Type: Aurora Elf

Elf Calling: House of Christmas Food & Beverage

School/Work: I study Festive Baking and Cake Making at Elf University.

Family: I have an older sister, Cinnamon Cookie

Best Friends: Holly Berry and Brandy Sugarsnap

Likes: Cooking & baking, and tasting what I make! My little mouse friend Mr. Nibbles, who also likes to taste my wares, whether I want him to or not!


Full Name: Bo Delight Ribbons

Date of Birth: 10 December 1965                      

Place of Birth: North Pole

Eye Colour: Dark                                                       

Hair Colour: Blonde

Elf Type: Manhattan Elf                                              

Elf Calling: House of Christmas Wrapping

School/Work: I left University with a degree in Perfect Gift Packaging and Presentation. I help wrap the gifts in Santa’s workshop. I have also been a visiting elf for quite a few years. The children in my family are getting older now, so sometimes I visit other families with younger children for a couple of days.

Best Friend: Mistletoe Kissmas

Likes: Wrapping things up, bows, ribbons (especially curling ribbon), thinking of new ways to gift wrap presents, playing tricks, disguising things. 


Full Name: Dottie McPockett

Date of Birth: 7 January 1980                      

Place of Birth: North Pole

Eye Colour: Dark                                              

Hair Colour: Blonde

Elf Type: Chilly Elf                               

Elf Calling: House of Christmas Fun & Laughter

School/Work: I help Santa know what’s going on with all the boys and girls, if they are being naughty or nice, what they want for Christmas, and if there are any new children being born. I am only little, so I flit here and there, hiding in secret places, listening to everything that is going on. Who knows where I will turn up next? Not even Santa!

Likes: Hiding, giggling, secrets and surprises, listening and watching. 


These are the names of some of Holly, Buddy and Bell’s other Christmas friends.

Angel Heart-Felt

Avery Greentree

Buttons McCrimbo

Curly Stickyknot

Evie-Joy Everlasting

Faith & Frank Incense

Cosy Snugglesocks

Giggles Nonsenself

Glory Snowsong

Goldy Moneypenny

Happy Go-Lucky

Mistletoe Kissmas

Noel Hark-Wenceslas

North Sleighspeed

Peppermint Candycane

Robin Redcracker

Sparkle Tinseltop


4 Responses to Our Friends

  1. ivy says:

    so adorable!!

  2. maddie says:

    those are all cute names. my freind has a elf and its name is present.

  3. maddie says:

    I wonder if they know merry!!!!!

  4. berryjingles says:

    Present is a great name!!

    Love Buddy 🙂

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