We had lots of fun last Christmas!

We were having so much fun with our family last Christmas, that we… er… forgot to update our blog. Oh dear, we are very sorry! We promised Santa we will try harder this year, and that’s an elf promise! An elf promise is a very well-meant sentiment, if not always a successful one ūüėõ

We can’t believe it’s nearly December 1st again, this year has gone so quickly. Santa has sent a letter to our family letting them know of our imminent arrival, they should receive it early tomorrow morning as it was sent by Santa Special Delivery Services. We are sooooo excited!!!!!!!! The children have probably grown lots since we last saw them. As a little taster here is a few pics of what we got up to last Christmas…

Buddy hid in Sonny J’s sock drawer and mismatched all his pairs of socks!

Holly decided she was going to be a Brownie for a day, and dressed up in Princess B’s Brownie uniform!

Naughty Buddy drew a picture of himself on Sonny J’s bedroom wall, and signed it as if it was Sonny J who did it. (The drawing is still there now!)

We were about to put a DVD on for the children to watch when they got home, when we saw people making snow angels on the TV. We love snow angels!

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Happy Halloween, Elf Style!

Hi! I’m Gingerbread, a friend of Holly & Buddy’s, who very kindly let me write on their blog! I¬†visited their family’s home for Halloween, but turned up in a very spooky disguise. The children’s faces were all surprised smiles when they came down stairs¬†on Halloween morning and found me waiting to shout BOO¬†at them! They tried to guess which of their elf friends it was hiding underneath the ghostly sheet, and eventually guessed right! Well done! I brought with me mini chocolate pumpkins and the elf journal of course! While they were at school during the day I hid lots of teeny tiny chocolate pumpkins around the house and they had great fun going on a Halloween hunt when they got back. When it was dark, we all ventured outside and went trick or treating. We met lots of other ghosts, ghouls, skeletons, zombie’s, feline fiends, but alas no other elves! As a parting gift I left a very special photobook that Buddy & Holly had made¬†for the children. It was full of memories of our elf exploits from last Christmas, and the children loved reminiscing. They also got really excited knowing that it wouldn’t be long before Buddy and Holly would be with them again. Well, I must go!¬†We are very busy at the North Pole at the¬†moment, Christmas time is almost upon us once more! Thanks for having me, love Gingerbread x

                                     Our Visiting Elves 2010 Photobook, a gift for the children.

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Happy Birthday Sonny J!

Last week was Sonny J’s birthday, so we thought we’d pay the family an impromptu visit! Boy, were the children surprised and over the moon to see us again! It was funny, Sonny J told us that he’d only been saying the week before how it wasn’t fair that Little E got to see us on her birthday (in December) and he didn’t!

L-R: Bo, Gingerbread, Mr Nibbles, Holly, Buddy, Snowy, Bell and Dipper

All us elves and animal friends that visited the family¬†various days last¬†December, descended on the family on the morning of Sonny J’s birthday. It was the first time we had visited all together and the first time they had seen Dipper Reindeer in the flesh. We took with us a personalised birthday banner that we put up on the wall, and some chocolate coins of course!

The children couldn’t believe it when they came downstairs and saw us, it was like a big party! It really made Sonny J’s birthday special. When the children were getting ready for school we quickly sneaked a little note and some chocolate coins into¬†their lunch bags, so they would see them at school. Buddy tried to hide in Sonny J’s lunch bag himself, but I told him he better come out as there wouldn’t be any room for Sonny J’s lunch!

We had another surprise waiting when the children got home from school. Five cookies that we’d decorated ourselves, there was one for each member of the family.

The children are now expecting a visit from us for Princess B’s birthday in April, so we will have to get our thinking caps on and come up with an extra surprise for then. Holly & Buddy x:)

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Big Mum has been poorly, so we have been good this week so that we don’t create extra mess for her! We’ve also had loads of snow! Buddy’s sister Bell arrived on Saturday, she rang the door bell and the children found her on the snowy doorstep, along with her sleeping bag, passport and a dvd for the children. Bell was missing Buddy and wondered what it was like being a visiting elf. She’s enjoying it so much she is going to stay til Christmas eve, and is going to come with us for the whole time next Christmas! So next year there will be three of us!

Yesterday we left materials for the children to make Christmas cards and they did a very good job on them! Last night, we left out pictures of elves for them to colour in, and also asked them if they would draw portraits of us, we can’t wait to see what they turn out like! As we’ve been so good the last couple of days we also couldn’t resist getting up to a little bit of mischief, we redecorated the living room with toilet roll! Holly x

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More elf mischief!

We’ve had lots of fun over the last few days. Holly thought we hadn’t explored the house enough so while the children were asleep we went into their bedrooms and had a rummage through their cupboards and drawers! We found some dressing up clothes and tried a few things on, then we found the children’s underwear and decided to re-decorate the Christmas tree! We also left out Santa stop here door hangers for the children to make. They were a reward for the children for keeping their bedrooms tidy.

Then to top it all, one night while the children were asleep we made portraits of them on the floor, but turned them into elves like us with elf hats! The elf hats are our gifts to the children, they love wearing them! Buddy ūüôā

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Quiet reading and ball pit fun!

We’ve had a busy weekend. Saturday night we were feeling quite tired so Gingerbread and I found some Christmas books and did some quiet reading. Holly read about the cold weather the UK has been having in the newspaper. Ha! That’s nothing, we have snow all the time at the North Pole!

Yesterday the family had a little party to celebrate Little E’s birthday. Little E got a new ball pit for her birthday, it was great fun, and we carried on playing in there after everyone else had gone to sleep!¬†Buddy ūüôā

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Chocolate coin hunt and more Christmas baking.

Last night, Buddy, Gingerbread and I hid some chocolate coins around the living room for the children to find. The trouble is, we hid them so well that they still haven’t found them all! Hopefully they will be discovered over the next few days, because we can’t remember where we hid them either!

Melting snowman cakes


Today we watched the¬†children and Big Mum make Christmas pudding cakes and melting snowman cakes, using the ingrediants and instructions that Gingerbread brought with her. Then, in the afternoon the family¬†went for a little Christmas get together with the neighbours, and the children took us with them! I’ve never seen such a big plate of biscuits! Princess B and Sonny J were very polite, but Little E was a bit naughty and took as many as she could! Luckily she didn’t get into too much trouble as everyone thought it was quite funny! Holly x

Christmas pudding cakes

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Gingerbread to the rescue!

Well, after Buddy’s failed attempt at making mince pies last night, my best friend Gingerbread has arrived to save the day!¬†As soon as¬†she got here she started work on making the¬†most delicious mince pies. With a little help from Gingie, a gingerbread man, and Mr. Nibbles, her pet mouse, they came out wonderful! We all had one, even the children when they got home from school. Gingerbread wrote the recipe in the back of our journal.¬†She also left digestive biscuits for the children to decorate as ‘snowballs’, all they needed was icing and dessicated coconut. Holly x

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Buddy tries to make mince pies.

I felt completely recovered last night, after my fall the night before. In fact, it had given me quite an appetite! Mince pies! That’s what I needed, we always have mince pies at the North Pole. But the family didn’t have any, so I decided I’d try and make some myself. Now what exactly is the mince in mince pies made out of? I wasn’t sure so I had to make my own special recipe up.

Buddy’s Mince Pie Recipe

  • M – Margarine
  • I – Ice cream
  • N – Nutella
  • C – Carrot
  • E – Egg

Mix well!


Unfortunately, it didn’t work as well as I thought it would. Holly said I was being silly and that it wasn’t the right recipe for mince pies! She didn’t know the right recipe either, but her best friend Gingerbread does, and so Holly sent her a message asking if she could visit us the next day to help us make some proper mince pies. Buddy ūüôā



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Buddy takes a tumble!

Yesterday evening Big Mum very kindly sewed my jingle bell back on to my hat (it had fallen off). Hearing it made me feel super again! I was so excitable I thought I’d climb to the top of the Christmas tree. Unfortunately I wasn’t quite so super and I fell off! Ouch! It hurt quite a bit and I was feeling very sorry for myself. Holly found the family’s first aid kit and put some plasters and bandages on me, I feel much better now! The children have been poorly today too, but I think they are feeling a bit better now. Buddy ūüôā

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